What's In The Paumiko Dog Guide
Paumiko Principles
The Paumiko Principles are Paul's 16 essential dog training principles that he has identified and refined over a life time of being around dogs and then spending years training people to train dogs.

Paul has refined these principles right down in the Paumiko Dog Guide until they are 16, 2 - 3 minute videos. Anyone can watch these videos to keep these important rules in mind while they train.

Paul also references these principles anytime they come up in training to help you to train properly and remember these important rules.

Principles like, Doing The Worst First, Training For Success and Situational Awareness.

These principles are ideas that we can keep in mind while we train so our training really works.
These Paumiko Principles are based on dog phycology and the way dogs think. They are a very important part of the Paumiko Dog Guide and they will help anyone to understand their dogs, and get easy results in training. 

Training Miko
Training Miko is another huge part of The Paumiko Dog Guide. This is where Paul is taking an 8 week old puppy named Miko, and filming everything he does with her all the way through raising and training her until she is over a year old. Even filming picking her up and driving her home. Her first time traveling, her first time in a crate. Feeding her, going to the vet. Her first time around kids, learning to sit and going on a lead and longline. Paul is literally showing you everything he does to raise and train his own dog right from a pup until it is over a year old.

This is being broken down into parts. Then each part is broken down into nice easy short videos that you can skip through or select just the parts you are interested in. It's all set up so you can go through watching them one at a time, checking things off as you go. And then you can come back and easily rewatch any videos. You can watch all of the videos in the Paumiko Dog Guide as many times as you like.

This training Miko series will help anyone to raise the perfect pup, right from day one. It will also help anyone with an older dog to go through and work on anything that they may have missed or that they still want to work on.

Whether you are training from a pup or working with an older dog, the process is exactly the same. Start at the start, and work your way through these videos, checking things off as you go. This training Miko series is going over everything Paul knows as a dog trainer and putting it all into one place.

It is set to be an incredible series. 

Remedial Training
This is where Paul takes older dogs with serious bad habits and fixes them quickly and easily. This is all about fast tracking serious problems with older puppies and dogs, so people can get on top of those bad habits straight away.

The first video Paul and his team made on this shows how Paul trains a big mastiff cross called Odin to stop pulling on the leash. Paul and his team did over 40 minutes of filming with Odin and all of this is refined down into 9 and half minutes where Paul breaks down and explains all of the things people do that causes their dogs to pull on the leash. Then he shows you how to fix them.
The video starts by Paul being towed out into the training area by big Odin and it ends with Odin walking perfectly on the leash, even around distraction.

Paul and his team are already working on more videos for this remedial training section of The Paumiko Dog Guide. They are making more videos on things like leash work, dog on dog aggression, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, improving the recall, excitement around other dogs, and much much more. 

This is where you can interact to tell Paul and his team, what you want to see in The Paumiko Dog Guide.

The Paumiko Dog Guide is not a set product. Paul and his team already have over 30 videos all ready up, and ready to watch. And they are about to post another 7! Then they will be filming, editing and posting videos in the Paumiko Dog Guide for the next few months. They want you to tell them what you want to go into the series!

The suggestion box is where you can leave comments and interact to let the team know how everything is going and what you want to see!

Suggestion Box
This is where the Paumiko team will answer your questions!

We will do our best to answer the most common questions in the comment section. We will also make awesome informative videos to answer frequently asked questions and post them in this section. 

This is the place to ask any question. It may be a question about training your dog, feeding and health, training equipment, or even something about The Paumiko Dog Guide. 

This is all about giving you all of the information you need and making sure no question goes unanswered!

Live QnAs
This is where Paul does live, online QnA sessions to answer your questions directly. Paul loves doing QnA and these sessions are set to be frequent and long. Again, we are open to suggestions on this and it is really all about giving you what you want.

You will be sent a link to attend the live QnA sessions AND all of these sessions will also be recorded and posted back up in this section. So you can attend these sessions live and ask questions. PLUS! you can also watch and listen to these QnA sessions on demand, anytime!

Instructor - Paul Michaels
Paul Michaels has been around dogs his entire life. He has studied dog training extensively, owned and trained many dogs and now he has helped thousands of people to train dogs with online videos, one on one sessions and dog training bootcamps.
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“One of the most satisfying purchases I have made in a longtime.”

- Ben Mathews

“Paul’s videos have been great. I have owned and trained dogs before, but this is an all new level.”

- Jonathan Griff

“We are very impressed with the results. Well worth the money!!”

- John Renslow 

“The videos are easy to follow and everything is explained extremely well. If Nellie is this good this young - we can’t wait to see what she’s like as she gets older.”

- Arna Moffat

“These videos have given us an amazing dog. Everything is explained very clearly so it’s easy for our entire family to get involved. We can not recommend them enough.”

- Hargreaves family.

“Paul’s videos have given us more than just step by step instructions in how to train our dog. They are a holistic resource, guiding us to train a fantastic family pet. There is a great focus on the owners behaviour and how this effects the pup. Following Paul is a very helpful benchmark. For our first pup we would be lost it!!” 

- Lana Wood

“We have only just started with our 10 week old GSP pup, Bow. We love that it keeps my partner and I on the same page with training.”

- Peita Weavell

“This has shown me where I have gone wrong in the past and really helped me to understand my dog and have a great relationship with it.”

- Stephen White

“We have followed Paul’s Videos with our dog Mac since his first day home. Now he is a year and a half old and he is great to have around. I can take him for a walk and trust he will be well behaved and follow commands. I really enjoy the structure these videos have given us. My partner and I both watch the videos and both do the same things with Mac. So he is good with us both. It just works really well and has set us up with a great dog.”

- Hannah Carter

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